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Offer products that enhance your daily life, which are environmentally friendly and not harmful for the public health.


Continuously and unequivocally reinforce the value we add to our customers, employees and society, as well as to our country's industrial development.


Porçöz is the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to descaling agents. It was developed and marketed by Levent Kimya, founded in 1979 in Antalya by Pekşen, Güngör and Levent brothers.

Porçöz gave consumers a practical way to clean the calcified mineral deposits that accumulate in teapots due to Turkey's hard water, without damaging the metal. Before its invention, consumers had a hard time cleaning these deposits. As the inventor of "descaling agents," Levent Kimya quickly became a leader in the Turkish consumer market.

Set up on a 40,000-square meter area at the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, Levent Kimya has an annual production capacity of 72 million bottles with manufacturing practices in line with European Union standards. The company operates in both the Turkish and foreign "Home Cleaning Products" market selling a wide range of house cleaning products under the Porçöz Brand.

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